Marisa is an inter-disciplinary artist, producer, and student of embodied movement, interested in our relationship to 'nature' in the context of wider feminist discourses and our daily existence. Through her practice, she explores everyday expressions of the spiritual, the digital, the contrived and the ironic that can manifest while interacting with a houseplant, a backyard, or public space in the concrete city. Sometimes her work points out the sinister undercurrents of our contrived environment, and sometimes it imagines new ways to re-connect. Her practice works to promote experiences that are intimate, gentle, self-aware and center knowledge outside of the Western canon such as embodied or experiential knowledge. 


Marisa completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) in 2015, where she researched the potentials of an ethical visual approach to Landscape, in video and installation mediums. In 2016 she presented this research for LEVEL ARI and Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium. In 2017, she exhibited solo at MOANA Project Space, Perth, and KINGS Artist-Run, Melbourne. 2019 saw her exhibit solo at Cool Change Contemporary, Perth. 

In line with her interest in spatial justice, Marisa is also co-director of people+artist+place, an arts initiative that focuses on the production of live, site-specific and socially-engaged art in public space, and works to enhance the participatory nature of multiple community arts and cultural events in Brisbane. ​


Marisa lives and works on unceded Jagara and Turrbal land. 


exploring what constitutes an “authentic” experience of nature (and whether it  matters) through a digital lens ... 

researching potential for environmental connection through the body and 

senses ... 

systems, recipes and tools for facilitating direct experience ...  
exploring a contrived relationship with water through the trope of the fountain ... 


challenging romantic notions of the sublime australian landscape with versions that are intimate, familiar and ironic ...   


*Public Toolkits is a new and developing investigation

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