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Ceremony to Lost Connections to Nature #1 (2017)

Draft Performance/Installation, Civic Park, Newcastle

Mosquito Sounds, Salt, Sandalwood & Citronella Coils, Bricks, Pine, Australian Afternoon Tea, Found Ceramics

Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium/This Is Not Art Festival 2017

A recipe and toolkit for creating everyday ceremonies dedicated to our lost connections to nature.

Sound Design by Josh Wilkinson

Images courtesy Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium

Misticism (2016)

Water, Polished River Stones, Pump, Irrigation Tubing, Spotlights, Mosquito Coil, Wooden Sleepers

HOME II, In residence ARI, Teneriffe Waterhouse

BARI Festival 2016

A small-scale urban "sublime" in an abandoned waterhouse.

In Residence Catalogue Essay Home 2
Download PDF • 932KB

Images by Julia Scott Green

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