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Coffee Swamp Topography (2015)

Video Projection

EXIT, POP Gallery, Woollongabba

A mouldy coffee plunger becomes a mysterious swamp landscape, reminiscent of a time-lapse video or a documentary. Rendered alien by the ambiguous setting and closeness, artificial light obscures the observation further.

Brookfield Fan Club (2015)

Video Projection

GAS Leak at The Laundry Artspace

Household fans and potted parlour palms are brought into a backyard rainforest in Upper Brookfield to enhance the 'natural ambience' of the space.

Gentle Slopes (2015)

Recycled Fence Posts, Polished River Stones, Pages from Gardening Book

QCA Graduate Showcase

A play on the language of landscaping by rendering the contours of pages from a gardening guide “less severe” using stones, as instructed by the text.

“A crescent-shaped rockery pleasantly minimises the severity of this slope, without interrupting the generous sweep of the lawn”.

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