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Verandah Dance (2015)

Video Projection, Golden Cane Palms, Fans

SCENE ONE at The Laundry Artspace, Install in QCA White Box

In fascination with dancing palms, a wild thunderstorm filmed off a Queenslander balcony. Projected in the corner of the gallery, two household fans and three parlour palms placed behind the projection mimic the dance, warping the image further.

Serenity Crawl (2015)

Group Exhibition

Video Projection, Stones, Running Water

SCENE ONE at The Laundry Artspace

An attempt to "commune" with a misty field through fumbly crawl.

Install Images by Noam O'Reilly.

Kaleidoscope Creek (2015)

Dual Channel Video Projection

Install in QCA Webb Gallery

Two glass bowls covered in crystalline forms and bark motifs slowly fracture and warp the creek's glass surface and surroundings. The shapes and reflections blend together and reference each other, linking the natural and contrived in kaleidoscopic confusion.

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