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An essay for Fine Print magazine about the labour of masking in the arts industry, and how languaging this labour might help place one in solidarity with all contemporary workers who share the burdens of affective labour and the pressures to perform.

Click here for the full essay on the Fine Print website.

Photograph: algal__bloom performing at Pollinator, 2020, Projection: Clunkk, Image: Meg Keene

A zine which reflects on my time with people+artist+place, as part of artist-archivist Paul Andrew's current doctoral research project [QUT Creative Industries], which explores ARI zines as types of community archives together.

Click here for the anthology announcement on the ARI REMIX platform.

Click here for the direct link to my reflection on the ARI REMIX platform.

Download PDF • 2.16MB

Reflections as a consultant and collaborator on Emma Wilson's Body Dreaming project. In it, I discuss with honesty what it’s like to align process and ethics in the current art industry paradigm.

Body Dreaming project page

Written reflection

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