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Affect Eclipses Meaning (2022)

Zine with hand painted colour-shift elements on cover

Unlimited/ongoing editions

An essay critiquing the public James Turrell artwork cladding the Gallery of Modern Art, situating it within the affective strategies of contemporary capitalism.

Images by Meg Keene

Founding member of the ARI currently known as BVAA in 2020, reviving again in 2022 with Noam O'Reilly and Amelia McLeish. BVAA is a working group intended to support and advocate for an artist-led, artist-centered and artist-first industry.

Website can be found here.

against perfection (2021)

Solo Exhibition


silk cement banners

audio contemplation

scent of wet cement

Curated by STABLE Artspace for Metro Arts' Window Gallery (Brisbane).

Voice & Contemplation: Mary McIntyre

Sound Design: Sonny O’Brien

Scent: Cat Jones

working with concrete as an element to shake free the possibilities of systems, environments, identities and bodies that are hardening, cracking and viscous... what can emerge from the fissures and dust?

against perfection_FINAL
Download PDF • 1000KB

Images courtesy of STABLE

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