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Co-founded and co-directed with Jenna Green, people+artist+place ran from 2016-2019, producing art in the public realm with social, local and site-specific focus.

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An at-home lockdown residency with the Museum of Brisbane in 2020, investigating the theme of immaterial labour in response to creative burnout. The residency featured research, a calligraphy work, and recorded conversations with five artists.

View the residency blog feed here.

Image: Meg Keene

Online Performance Video​

Commissioned by Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane.

Sharing the process of reclaiming and rehabilitating my attention from an intense, long-term interface with systems that have perpetuated a cycle of extraction, distraction, hyperactivity and disconnection from the body. I consider my individual attention as the building block for paying consistent, expanded, collective attention to the larger, systemic issues at hand, both within myself and external to myself. Post-burnout, in Covid context, I’m beginning again.

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