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exploring What constitutes an "authentic"   experience of nature (and whether it matters) through the digital lens ...

Attention Inner Tension (2020)

Online Performance Video

Commissioned by Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane. 

Sharing the process of reclaiming and rehabilitating my attention from an intense, long-term interface with systems that have perpetuated a cycle of extraction, distraction, hyperactivity and disconnection from the body. I consider my individual attention as the building block for paying consistent, expanded, collective attention to the larger, systemic issues at hand, both within myself and external to myself. Post-burnout, in Covid context, I’m beginning again.

Video Link

URBN ASMR (2017)

Solo Exhibition, KINGS Artist-Run, Melbourne

Video Installation

Exploring states of alienation, disembodiment and fractured sensation in urban space, and conceptualising new ways to atmospherically “relate” to the urban landscape, using tropes and techniques from ASMR media phenomena. 

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Images by Vikk Shayen

Watch Before Going to Sleep (2017)


Solo Exhibition, Moana Project Space, Perth

Video Projection, Velvet Couch, Headphones, Bonsai Fig, Viburnums, Conifers, Garden Escape Scent (Cut Grass, Apple Blossom, Daffodil)

Investigating the way we surround ourselves with aestheticized, contrived and mediated versions of 'nature' in order to feel grounded and connected, using the trope of 'sublime' landscape photography. 

Original Video: (@yurifineart - Instagram)
Original Image: frank1crayon

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Catalogue Link

Images courtesy of Moana Project Space and Paul Sutherland

Afternoon Fountain Routine (2016)

Group Exhibition

Video Projection, Succulents

Self Imag(in)ing, Queensland College of Art Galleries, Brisbane

'it is a long time since this moment', Unhallowed Arts Festival, Old Customs House, Perth

Embodying a fountain on the back stairs of my home in Brisbane's West End. 

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Images by Jeremy Eden

Kaleidoscope Creek (2015)


Dual Channel Video Projection

Install in QCA Webb Gallery

Two glass bowls covered in crystalline forms and bark motifs slowly fracture and warp the creek's glass surface and surroundings. The shapes and reflections blend together and reference each other, linking the natural and contrived in kaleidoscopic confusion.

Video Link

Brookfield Fan Club (2015)


Video Projection

GAS Leak at The Laundry Artspace


Household fans and potted parlour palms are brought into a backyard rainforest in Upper Brookfield to enhance the 'natural ambience' of the space.


Video Link

Verandah Dance (2015)


Video Projection, Golden Cane Palms, Fans

SCENE ONE at The Laundry Artspace, Install in QCA White Box

In fascination with dancing palms, a wild thunderstorm filmed off a Queenslander balcony. Projected in the corner of the gallery, two household fans and three parlour palms placed behind the projection mimic the dance, warping the image further. 

Video Link

Coffee Swamp Topography (2015)


Video Projection

EXIT, POP Gallery, Woollongabba

A mouldy coffee plunger becomes a mysterious swamp landscape, reminiscent of a time-lapse video or a documentary. Rendered alien by the ambiguous setting and closeness, artificial light obscures the observation further. 


Video Link

Futilities (studies for a shrine) (2015)


Video, Mirror, Dwarf Date Palm, Fan, Stones

Everything Is Connected at The Hold Artspace

A series of studies for a tiny Shrine. 

Catalogue link


Images courtesy The Hold Artspace

Serenity Crawl (2015)

Group Exhibition

Video Projection, Stones, Running Water

SCENE ONE at The Laundry Artspace

An attempt to "commune" with a misty field via fumbly crawling. 

Catalogue Link 

Video Link


Install Images by Naomi O'Reilly.

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