challenging romantic notions of the sublime australian landscape with versions that are intimate, familiar and ironic ...

Misticism (2016)


Water, Polished River Stones, Pump, Irrigation Tubing, Spotlights, Mosquito Coil, Wooden Sleepers

HOME II, In residence ARI, Teneriffe Waterhouse

BARI Festival 2016

A small-scale urban "sublime" in an abandoned waterhouse. 

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Images by Julia Scott Green


Water Feature (polished river stones 4-6cm) (2016)


Fountain, Polished River Stones (4-6cm), Water, Plastic Sheet, Found Wooden Sleepers



A water feature constructed from Polished River Stones (4-6cm).


Coffee Swamp Topography (2015)


Video Projection

EXIT, POP Gallery, Woollongabba

A mouldy coffee plunger becomes a mysterious swamp landscape, reminiscent of a time-lapse video or a documentary. Rendered alien by the ambiguous setting and closeness, artificial light obscures the observation further. 


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Autumn in the Australian Garden (2015)


Sofa Cushions, Pins, Pages from Autumn in the Australian Garden

The 2015 Laundrie National Emerging Art Prize

An exercise in contrived colour-matching. 

Images by Lisa Brown


Gentle Slopes (2015)

Recycled Fence Posts, Polished River Stones, Pages from Gardening Book

QCA Graduate Showcase

A play on the language of landscaping by rendering the contours of pages from a gardening guide “less severe” using stones, as instructed by the text. 

“A crescent-shaped rockery pleasantly minimises the severity of this slope, without interrupting the generous sweep of the lawn”.


Futilities (studies for a shrine) (2015)


Video, Mirror, Dwarf Date Palm, Fan, Stones

Everything Is Connected at The Hold Artspace

A series of studies for a tiny Shrine. 

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Images courtesy The Hold Artspace

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