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exploring a contrived relationship with water through the trope of the fountain ...

Afternoon Fountain Routine (Live) (2016)


Solo Performance

Hose, Parlour Palm, Water, Black Plastic

Was It A Dream? A Midsummer Night's Dream? Watt Space, Newcastle

Opening event of This Is Not Art festival as part of Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium

Exploring deficiencies in the way we are permitted to connect or “commune” with ‘nature’ in our everyday experience. ​

Afternoon Fountain Routine (2016)

Group Exhibition

Video Projection, Succulents

Self Imag(in)ing, Queensland College of Art Galleries, Brisbane

'it is a long time since this moment', Unhallowed Arts Festival, Old Customs House, Perth

Embodying a fountain on the back stairs of my home in Brisbane's West End. 

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Images by Jeremy Eden

Misticism (2016)


Water, Polished River Stones, Pump, Irrigation Tubing, Spotlights, Mosquito Coil, Wooden Sleepers

HOME II, In residence ARI, Teneriffe Waterhouse

BARI Festival 2016

A small-scale urban "sublime" in an abandoned waterhouse. 

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Images by Julia Scott Green

Water Feature (polished river stones 4-6cm) (2016)


Fountain, Polished River Stones (4-6cm), Water, Plastic Sheet, Found Wooden Sleepers



A water feature constructed from Polished River Stones (4-6cm).

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