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In Conversation: Dissolving boundaries & binaries with Mary McIntyre

It was my pleasure to catch up with Mary McIntyre this week, to help me take apart some of my black and white thinking around my arts practice in the wake of all the new concepts and ideas I've been trying to integrate during this residency. In this super therapeutic episode, we discuss how to navigate complexity and complicity and how to be in relationship with systems that may not serve you, all through a somatic lens.

This episode is a bit longer, however it includes two meditations! I encourage you to sit down and close your eyes whilst listening to them (if it's possible).

Here's a short video of the hand action for the second meditation for regulating your nervous system which Mary guided me through.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Marie Brown

Sally Molloy - Artist behind "Backyard Reckoning", a guided audio for decolonising your own backyard

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