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In Conversation: Immaterial Labour with Naomi O'Reilly

I'm so proud to be sharing this conversation with one of my nearest and dearest creative peers, Naomi O'Reilly, who currently works in creative consulting. Recorded on the chilliest of winters' eves, I attempt to explain the concepts underpinning Immaterial Labour to her, and she reacts! Stick with it through our awkward beginning as we warm up. As we meander through the subject, we go on a few tangents, take a deep dive, and come back up again. It's broadly applicable whether you work in a creative field or not, I felt pretty inspired at the end, and I hope you do too!

The essay we are discussing is Creative Labour by Sarah Brouillette, you can find it here:

Oh, and if you hear giggles, that's our audience of two, Sophie and Caden!

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