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In Conversation: Practice without Product with Emma Wilson

It was an absolute pleasure to drive out to Cedar Creek to record this podcast with Emma Wilson, who creates dance (amongst other activities and intersections which you'll hear about). Emma's been thinking about similar topics of labour and art practice in a product-oriented system for a while longer than me, and was SO generous in sharing that journey. I'm serious folks, there are gems of knowledge in here, and you hear my mind get blown multiple times.

This conversation was fantastic for me personally, as Emma is a literal example of someone who has committed to an anti-capitalist, collective, situated arts practice made up of the "undecideable propositions and movements" that the Autonomists mentioned in Episode 1 as being full of potential radical, transformative experiences. If you haven't listed to that episode, it gives a great grounding to some of the topics we're discussing here, however it's by no means essential to listening to Emma and I.

Listen in as we discuss radical homemaking and its relationship to a deeply localised and situated art practice, about generative and collective modes of working, and how institutions might be able to support artists in this way.

In this episode we discuss or quote the following texts:

Emmas' essay, "On the Question of Value" for Delving Into Dance

How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell

How to be an Anticapitalist in the 21st Century by Erik Olin Wright

Artist at Work: Proximity of Art and Capitalism by Bojana Kunst


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