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In Conversation: Prefigurative Politics with Natalie Osborne

I was lucky enough to recruit one of my dearest and most intelligent friends Natalie Osborne to talk Prefigurative Politics with me this week. In this episode, we discuss creating the post-capitalist world we would like to see in the present and all that it entails- the art of failure, radical care, an appreciation for smallness, cultivating our relationships to place and context, daily practices, and navigating complicity.

This episode is a wild ride full of big (and small) ideas, I felt like I was hanging on by my coat tails for much of it! But it's also full of warmth and a healthy dose of we're-doing-the-best-we-can.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Nat's article- For Still Possible Cities: A Politics of Failure for the Politically Depressed

How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell

How to be an Anticapitalist in the 21st Century by Erik Olin Wright

Sally Molloy - Artist behind "Backyard Reckoning", a guided audio for decolonising your own backyard

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