systems, recipes and toolkits for facilitating direct experience* ...

*An emerging investigation

cultivating reciprocity (a message for the arts ecology) (2020) (in collaboration with Mary Mcintyre)

Online Group Exhibition


Presented by The Walls Artspace, Gold Coast and supported by Outer Space, Brisbane. 

Part contemplation, part advocacy, these artist koans are the product of a group therapy session with a collection of Brisbane-based emerging artists and local buddhist somatic psychotherapist and Insight meditation teacher, Mary McIntyre. Together we dove into our doubtings and reckonings with our local arts ecology; its capacity to cultivate artistic health, our capacity to cultivate a healthy ecology, and its relationship to our own practices and wellbeing. They were facilitated and recorded online in our respective homes, together while apart, during the beginning of the Covid-19 social distancing period.

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De-Marcating Space for the Pursuit of (...) (2019)

Solo Exhibition

Installation: Silk, gum tree branches, silver paint pen, rope, gum tree shavings, silver electrical tape

Cool Change Contemporary, Perth

A conceptual toolkit for invoking a momentary experience of “Magic” and pause in urban parks and public space. 

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Images by Paul Sutherland


Ceremony to Lost Connections to Nature #1 (2017)

Work-In-Progress Solo Performance/Installation, Civic Park, Newcastle

Mosquito Sounds, Salt, Sandalwood & Citronella Coils, Bricks, Pine, Australian Afternoon Tea, Found Ceramics

Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium/This Is Not Art Festival 2017

A recipe and toolkit for creating everyday ceremonies dedicated to our lost connections to nature. 

Sound Design by Josh Wilkinson

Images courtesy Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium

Soundtrack for Ceremony to Lost Natural Connections #1 - Sound Design by Josh Wilkinson
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